Perl fast file finder – File::Find::Rule

Hello again, Here is a fine example of some Perl code to make finding files on your filesystem really, really fast : use File::Find::Rule; File::Find::Rule->file->exec( sub { print “Filename : ” . $_[0], “\n”; print “Path : ” . $_[1], “\n”; print “Path/Filename : ” . $_[2], “\n”; return 0; Read more…


Perl JPG Picture rotate – AutoRotate

Hello again, I thought I’d bung up probably the best CPAN module ever! Well, not ever, but it’s so jolly simple and it Just Works. Here it is : use Image::JpegTran::AutoRotate; … auto_rotate (“/path/to/$image_name”); … and that is it. Well cool, methinks. If you ever wanted your jpgs to be Read more…


How to get a module onto CPAN

Hi, I’ve recently put up a Perl wrapper for the OAuth2 API, and supporting goodies on CPAN : WebService::Freesound. Go me! Also available on GitHub. Here are some notes on what I did to get it onto CPAN. How to CPAN Pause Id First thing to do is to Read more…