Perl fast file finder – File::Find::Rule

Hello again, Here is a fine example of some Perl code to make finding files on your filesystem really, really fast : use File::Find::Rule; File::Find::Rule->file->exec( sub { print “Filename : ” . $_[0], “\n”; print “Path : ” . $_[1], “\n”; print “Path/Filename : ” . $_[2], “\n”; return 0; Read more…


Perl JPG Picture rotate – AutoRotate

Hello again, I thought I’d bung up probably the best CPAN module ever! Well, not ever, but it’s so jolly simple and it Just Works. Here it is : use Image::JpegTran::AutoRotate; … auto_rotate (“/path/to/$image_name”); … and that is it. Well cool, methinks. If you ever wanted your jpgs to be Read more…


How to get a module onto CPAN

Hi, I’ve recently put up a Perl wrapper for the OAuth2 API, and supporting goodies on CPAN : WebService::Freesound. Go me! Also available on GitHub. Here are some notes on what I did to get it onto CPAN. How to CPAN Pause Id First thing to do is to Read more…


Best Perl Books

Hi, I just thought I’d recommend some late night reading, and some excellent reference books from my chums at O’Reilly. These have been invaluable to me as a Perl programmer, ones that have set me off on the jolly journey of Perlishness. Learning Perl, 3rd Edition Making Easy Things Easy Read more…


Tagski – picture tagger install

Hello, I’ve just spent some time developing a simple web-based picture tagging page, where you can upload pictures and tag them. It was just an exercise in writing some good ol’ Perl and learning a bit more about Javascript, Ajax, jQuery et al. At the moment it’s only really Read more…


Why Perl?

Hello, One of my main interests in computer programming is the Perl Language – easy to learn, available for all platforms (probably), comes free with most Unices and can do just about anything. Even Object Orientated programming – Perl core support or using the ubiquitous Moose. From quick hacks to Read more…